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leverage abroad earlier to shrink the incidence of targeted accidents In developed countries, tachograph has been found for decades of historical background. In , the German big brother began to load good deal than seven tons associated trucks and buses required tachograph. Beginning in the the EC began that will help promote the German experience, mandatory tachograph in other sorts of European countries. Until . . Tacografo Digital issued hot regulations Since August , more than . considerable number registered in the Western european over the mandatory setup of commercial vehicles taking the IC card technology, printing digital tachograph.

In the United States, Brazil and other countries, commercial if not included tachograph can not find yourself used on public back alleys. sinotruk parts catalog, howo parts catalog Intelligent fine assistant had become main tachograph card standard Fruitful experience from abroad, protection against road traffic safety reason for view, vehicle traveling personal data recorder and GPS applications, the prevention of traffic accidents has played an important role. According to the entire German Ministry of Port and commercial vehicles made available after installing tachograph traffic accident statistics, in : the average truck am traveling about , mls per person fatalities occurred, to , the turn down was .

million kilometers per one single accident, the accident rates are much lower. sinotruk times catalog, howo parts search engine spider China still lags at the rear the promotion of sounds regulation Domestic promotion with tachograph is lagging behind, the state issued a number of regulatory requirements to buy and use, have gain in popularity in recent years. higer,higer bus parts Country all the way through introduced the safe functions of motor vehicles sophisticated conditions GB – provides a that coach and look buses, tractor-trailer, the ultimate mass of not compared to kg truck should wind up installed with a record, store, display, print with the help of vehicle speed, time, distance and other vehicle position information recording apparatus.

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